MH for professionals

Our mobile-homes are an excellent solution for tourist accommodation, as the construction system of our product makes it ideal for installation in both camping and mountain beach. Its robustness and design are our best guarantees. The interior finishes of our mobile homes are maintained to the fullest, with exquisite decoration where they lack the smallest detail to make your guests feel comfortable and comfortable at your campsite. If you want to have a quality hosting your customers expect, please contact us.


Our prototype

Mobil homes 1 room

  • MH Java 6351

Mobil homes 2 rooms

  • MH Arabigo 842

  • MH Bering 842

  • MH Caspio 842

  • MH Egeo 842T

  • MH Jonico 842T

Mobil homes 3 rooms

  • MH Adriatico 843

  • MH Baltico 843

  • MH Mediterraneo 943